Leica M Monochrome 1st edition, CCD

The Leica M Monochrome changed everything for me, it was the first digital camera to shoot B&W in RAW… imagine that for a moment. I matched it up with a Leica Noctilux E58 and fell in love.

It really is a match made in heaven, that Noctilux f1.0 really sucks in the light and the CCD sensor of the M-M loves it. The featured shot is of 2 very good friends of mine, both musicians of the highest calibre, seen here at a gig grabbing a quick cigarette break before going on stage to perform.

This shot was taken from a 38 bus on my way back from Leica Mayfair. The collage of greys, the highlights & shadows make this shot almost ‘timeless’.  The CCD sensor really does a great job. I’m not sure of the lens used, could of been my Tri-Elmar 28/35/50.

Is it my favourite all time Leica? With the Noctilux on the front of it, YES!